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$26 million raised by basketball programs since 2014

"Snap! Raise is the easiest fundraiser I've ever done.

We never have to touch the money; we don't have to sell anything."
– Coach Brad Ingram, Austin High School (TX)

Meet Snap! Raise: the #1 group fundraising solution built specifically for student groups and teams. Learn what it takes to start fundraising smarter – without ever having to sell a single product.

If you’ve ever done school or team fundraising in the past, you know how tedious and difficult it can be to raise even a couple hundred dollars for your program. Traditionally, fundraising meant having to send students door-to-door in their community selling candy bars, popcorn, cookie dough, discount cards, or other products people don’t want – putting a heavy burden on the kids, risking safety and wasting valuable time for limited return.

Snap! Raise does away with all of that.  

Fueled by our own experience as students, athletes, coaches, and parents struggling with the burdens of group fundraising, we’ve developed a complete fundraising solution specifically designed to raise more for your program in less time than any other option – no product sales needed.

Your personal Snap! Raise Campaign Director shoulders the entire administrative burden, offering a level of expert support that no other fundraising solution provides. Meanwhile, our streamlined online platform makes processing donations seamless and tracking participation easier than ever before. After only 28 days, your program has completed a winning fundraiser. 

Using Snap! Raise, the average group raises over $5,000; but we’ve seen high school and club volleyball teams raise over $30,000, high school marching bands raise over $80,000, and high school football teams raise over $100,000. Our promise is that your program will raise more money, faster and with less effort – all without wasting valuable time your participants need to achieve more. 

All you have to do is trust Snap! Raise with the heavy lifting.

Ready to start raising more than ever before without having to sell a single product? Start a hassle-free Snap! Raise group fundraiser today!

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