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With so many athletes and events, Track & Field has a unique set of funding needs. Snap! Raise is the only fundraising idea built to help Track & Field programs of all sizes hurdle their expenses and bring home the gold – all in world record time.

From javelins and shots, to safe mats and trustworthy vaulting poles, track & field expenses are all over the board.

A single javelin could cost $100 to $500. New vaulting poles cost $400 to $800 each, and you need many different sizes to accommodate for different athletes. Pole vault and high jump mats can also rack up quite a bill, each costing thousands of dollars. Not to mention, virtually every event requires a different type of spikes.

These examples are just a few pieces of mandatory track and field equipment. After covering these essentials, your program may not be in a great position to cover things like tournaments fees and travel costs for your students.

Many track & field coaches also have their hands full for the entire school year; it’s no easy task to run what are essentially different sports across multiple seasons, from cross country in the fall, to indoor in the winter, to outdoor in the spring. Tack that on to the logistical hassle of managing individual events within each sport, and you have one of the most wide-ranging coaching jobs of any high school activity.

What’s more, getting funding for a team as big as yours is hard. Or maybe you don’t get the funding you need because you’re just the “running team,” and other sports are prioritized, leaving you with a lack of funding, or worse, with budget cuts.

When it comes to raising money, it can be a serious challenge to simply manage that many athletes through a fundraiser – let alone to keep them motivated. But despite the challenges of track & field fundraising, you don’t want your program to rely on parents to shoulder travel costs. 

Clearly, fundraising is necessary. Thankfully, it’s now possible to run an effective fundraiser for a team like yours with such unique needs.

Since 2014, Snap! Raise has helped track & field programs all over the country raise over $9 million, which includes nearly $4.5 million in 2018 alone. That means over 1,800 teams have been served, over 110,000 kids supported, and over 187,000 supporters reached.

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With a team as big as yours, your Snap! Raise campaign is the most efficient way to raise the funds your program needs to perform at a high level. Your athletes are connected to a huge network of potential donors in the neighborhood and around the country who are eager to show their support. With Snap! Raise, that support is finally in reach.

You want your athletes to worry about how many 400s they’ll run at practice, not how they will afford the trip to the state tournament.

With so much variety in one sport, your program and athletes have diverse needs. Thankfully Snap! Raise has the proven process and support you need to cross the fundraising finish line in record time.

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