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Football season is a special time of year for communities across the nation. But in order to make it to football season, you have to make it through football fundraising season. A difficult yet critical undertaking, tackling a football fundraiser is practically a sport all on its own. Follow these five steps and breeze through your next team fundraiser so you can get back to the gridiron.

As fall approaches, we know your program is ready for football. But is your program ready for the cost of football? The average cost of a high school football program is enough to knock a lineman off his feet – with relentless expenses like new equipment, football coaching funding, and the logistical nightmare of team travel. 

At Snap! Raise, we know the drill. That’s why we built our team fundraising platform specifically with football coaches and athletes in mind – and how we’ve been able to help youth and high school football teams across the country raise over $29 million for their programs. Here are five simple football fundraising ideas to help your program get the most out of your next fundraiser.

1) Fundraise at the right time.

At Snap! Raise, we’ve learned through thousands of football fundraisers that timing can make or break a fundraising campaign. Due to a variety of factors including location, seasonality, and competing fundraisers, there are ideal times to run a football fundraiser and there are times when it’s not such a great idea. Our football fundraising experts in the field work with our data and engineering teams at Snap! Raise HQ to guarantee your football fundraiser runs at the best time and gets game-changing results.

2) Get your team energized.

For young athletes, football team fundraising used to mean having to wash people’s cars or selling a product like cookie dough door-to-door. These tactics took valuable time away from practice and studying, and worst of all, they were painfully ineffective. Fortunately, with Snap! Raise, football fundraising is as easy as sending a few texts and emails. For an added boost, Snap! Raise gives participants the opportunity to win prizes if they achieve their individual and team fundraising goals.

3) Lean on your community for support.

Your community supported your program through years of tedious chocolate bar sales and car washes. They will definitely support you when the ask is even less. Communities love their Friday night lights and are eager to support their team; they just need to be asked. With the Snap! Raise digital platform, your football fundraiser can reach more members of your community than you would ever be able to through product fundraising – with way less effort.

4) Check in with your participants.

By the time a Snap! Raise fundraiser goes live, 90% of your team’s work is done. However, that last 10% is crucial. Snap! Raise is far and away the easiest fundraiser idea available to high school sports teams and educational programs, but your athletes are still accountable for how the fundraiser performs after launch. Through the Snap! Raise program dashboard, your coaching staff can easily keep tabs on your athletes’ participation. By regularly following up with your athletes and checking in on your program goals, they’ll be reminded of their obligation to the team.

5) Show your supporters the impact they are making.

Your community members want to help. They also want to know that their support is making a meaningful impact. After your football fundraiser is over, share what you have been able to achieve with the funds you raised. It gives your donors a clear idea of how they helped and makes them feel more invested in the success of your program. Now they will continue to contribute year after year to your football team’s fundraiser because they can see the impact of their support.

We believe that your time and energy is best dedicated to making sure your athletes are ready for Friday night. That’s why Snap! Raise makes football fundraising a breeze so your team can focus on what matters most.

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