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Los Osos High School Football (CA)

Raised funds for equipment upgrades to improve player safety
Fundraiser target goal exceeded by 88% in 2018

Easy and effective fundraising for student groups and teams

‘Snap! Raise has taken the work out of our coaches' hands… It’s a one-stop shop for us to track and monitor each kid’s efforts. It has become very efficient for us for only lasting four weeks.’
Coach Chris Merritt, Columbus High School Football (FL)
Raised over $150K using Snap! Raise
‘The school is slated to grow by 1,000 people in the next five years...our budget is roughly $2,000 per kid for the season. The cost is unreal. That's why I'm a fan of Snap! Raise.’
Dr. Ellis Hampton, Guyer High School Band (TX)
Raised over $25K using Snap! Raise

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Snap! Raise is more than just a seamless fundraising experience––it’s a complete administrative solution

  • Participation tracking and incentives
    Participation tracking and incentives
  • Complete financial reporting
    Complete financial reporting
  • Onboarding and technical support
    Onboarding and technical support
  • Custom fundraising web page
    Custom fundraising web page
  • Secure management of funds
    Secure management of funds
  • Personalized donor engagement
    Personalized donor engagement

See everything that goes into the most complete group fundraising experience around.

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